2020 WWE Draft Results: Night One Picks - newstonight

2020 WWE Draft Results: Night One Picks - newstonight- The WWE Draft 2020 is authoritatively here as one of the yearly waste around evening time, Friday Night SmackDown Roman Reigns

2020 WWE Draft Results: Night One Picks - newstonight
2020 WWE Draft Results: Night One Picks - newstonight

Round first more results of WWE Draft 2020

2020 WWE Draft pay per view

Drew McIntyre has started. WWE Draft 2020 is facilitated by Stephanie McMahon, WWE's main image official and on-screen Seth Rollins

authority figure, who dismissed things from this evening by reporting Jey Uso the initial five picks of WWE Draft 2020. Note: SmackDown

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Asuka For each three pix for Monday Night RAW, SmackDown gets two singles out Friday night WWE Draft 2020.

Generally speaking No. 1 in the WWE Draft 2020 was as a matter of fact the WWE Champion, Drew McIntire, who was gotten by the Monday Knight RAW and will keep on administering the Red brand officially

The clan leaders are working admirably on the Blue brand and will overwhelm the headliner scene on Friday night. 

2020 WWE Draft Night all Results

 Since the flight of Becky Lynch prior this year, Asuka Monday Night RAW Red has been the brand's top female genius. 

There is no affirmation yet whether this will end his fight with the Mysterio family. 

The 2020 WWE Draft has started! The following is our progressing inclusion of today around evening time's exchanges. 

In excess of 60 male geniuses, female hotshots and label groups are important for the 2020 WWE DraftDue and SmackDown is a two-hour show, they will get 2 pics results revealed.

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WWE Monday Night RAW images

Being a three-hour show, RAW will get 3 pics. A round Drew McIntyreAsuka Hurt Business (MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Bobby Yashree) 

cycle two AJ Stylesnoumi Nia Jax and Shaina Bussler Three rounds Ricochetmandy rose the miz and john morrison Cycle four Kofi Kingston 

and Javier Woodsdana BrookeOngel Garza Smackdown pics on friday night A round Roman Renigesth Rollins cycle two Sasha Banksbyanka Bellair

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